Regions and Digital Innovation Hubs Alliance for AI-Driven Digital Transformation of European Manufacturing SMEs.

2. AI REGIO – Regions and Digital Innovation Hubs Alliance for AI-Driven Digital Transformation of European Manufacturing SMEs

PROJECT OBJECTIVE | The goal of AI REGIO is to develop applications related to Artificial Intelligence for manufacturing SMEs, by making use of and enriching the cross-border network of so-called Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs), competence centres from which companies can access skills and structures.

AI REGIO partners have identified three main areas of enhancement that currently prevent regional DIHs from addressing the new digital reality and limit offerings for manufacturing SMEs in the sector.

As far as policies are concerned, regional smart specialisation strategies for digital transformation in the manufacturing sector are inadequately coordinated and limit the scalability of innovations to European and global markets. AI REGIO will promote closer cooperation between European regions, EU and non-EU countries to ensure that innovations can be scaled up.

As far as technology is concerned, projects and initiatives do exist, but they tend to run too independently of each other and miss the opportunity to mutually benefit from the results. AI REGIO will build on the digital manufacturing platforms from previous EU-funded projects, such as BEinCPPS (www.beincpps.eu), MIDIH (www.midih.eu), L4MS (www.l4ms.eu/content/l4ms-project-home) and AI4EU (https://www.ai4eu.eu/) and help integrate these into Digital Innovation Hub offerings.

As far as business is concerned, current Digital Innovation Hub offerings are limited to Industry 4.0 applications focused on machine-to-machine interaction, advanced connectivity and big data analytics. They still don’t focus on AI-driven applications, which drastically change the relationship between autonomous systems and humans. AI REGIO aims to bridge this gap by further improving the network of regional and SME Digital Innovation Hubs, which will jointly conduct 30 AI-based application experiments.

COMET CLUSTER’S ROLE | As partner of IP4FVG (www.ip4fvg) –FVG Region’s Digital Innovation Hub network – COMET will  create awareness around the topic of Artificial Intelligence, make SMEs and other interested parties conscious of AI-solutions potentialities and supporting them in the development of competences and resources.

COMET will implement an experimental use case  for the development of an Intelligent DSS for predictive quality assurance.

PROJECT BUDGET | The project is co-funded by the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 (Grant Agreement No 952003).

Total budget: € 9,200,080
EU funding: € 7,999,207

DURATION | 36 months (10.2020 – 09.2023)

FOR MORE INFORMATION | www.airegio-project.euhttps://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/952003



In 2018, COMET obtained the following prestigious European-recognised certification: “Cluster Management Excellence Label BRONZE – Striving for Cluster Excellence”. The certification was issued following an interview, conducted by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA) of VDI/VDE Innovation, which analysed 36 indicators related to structure, management, services and governance, in addition to contacts, interaction within the cluster and the obtained results.

The ESCA benchmarking is a strategic tool for assessing the European-level positioning of the COMET Cluster and planning future activities.