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COMET – a cluster delegated by the Friuli Venezia Giulia region – coordinates initiatives aimed at developing the regional engineering chain for the mechanic, thermoelectromechanical, component, plastic, machinery and metal production-related sectors.

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It all starts from

listening to a need

The working method

Listening to the needs of businesses

Activity and project development

Searching for the required skills

Identifying public and private stakeholders

Business involvement

Collaborating with and supporting businesses


Feedback analysis

Today’s mechanics, giving voice to entrepreneurs

Nadia di Biase, Elena e Marco Buriola - A.B. meccanica Snc

Being young entrepreneurs means preparing for every challenge and thanks to our passion we have reached where we are today.

Roberto Bernardinis - AWM Spa

A dedicated team is essential because work requires technical skills but also a spirit of adaptation, which is why we organize specific training courses for our business travelers

Voice to Entrepreneurs

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