Job & Go

An experiential project created with the aim of bringing the education and business worlds closer together.



Job&Go was created with the aim of creating professional roles that reflect the current and future resource-related needs and the professionalism required by the regional labour market; a path that allows you to explore specific issues and practices that are marketable for the company.

COMET, together with other companies, the FVG Region and the NIP Consortium, has built a concrete opportunity for future recent graduates from professional technical institutes.

The problems faced by businesses: difficulty finding specialised technicians.

The objective of the project:

  • Respond to a need that has emerged from businesses
  • Provide students with an opportunity for growth

The project:

  1. candidate selection process
  2. group training with company visits – approx. 150 hours
  3. specialist individual training course – 80 hours max
  4. extracurricular internship in a company – 3 months max
  5. Hired by the company 

To express your interest in the project, whether you are a professional technical institute or a company, send an email to: