COMET is a member of DiEX – Digital Innovation Hub

COMET is a member of DiEX – Digital Innovation Hub


The goal of DiEX is to support, guide and accompany companies throughout their digital transformation, by providing them with adequate skills and top-level consultancy services.

DiEX is regionally positioned in the IP4FVG project. It is a platform composed of four nodes, each with its own area of expertise, namely: advanced manufacturing solutions; data analytics & artificial intelligence; data optimisation & simulation; Internet of Things.

The DiEX node is the go-to for advanced manufacturing solutions.

In addition to the consultancy and training services offered by the Digital Innovation Hub, COMET also recommends:

Digital Compass & Digital Assessment

The digital compass allows a company’s status to be defined in relation to the technological, managerial and organisational aspects of Industry 4.0. It highlights the steps already taken and the objectives yet to be achieved, suggests the actions and projects that can kick-start or strengthen the digital transformation process (from a management, organisational, technological and behavioural point of view).

Digital compass: the focus is on new technologies and the company-adopted production methods (manufacturing or services).

Digital assessment: The focus is on the main business processes and involves all business areas.

Hyper-depreciation appraisal

The company’s requirements are verified by preparing all the technical documentation required to take advantage of the hyper-depreciation. In the case of amounts exceeding € 500,000 or if requested by the customer, a sworn report is drawn up by the Pordenone Technology Park, a DiEX member, or by professionals enrolled in the Province of Pordenone’s Order of Engineers.

High-level training

Tailor-made training courses in a real production environment specially configured to train the management by experimenting with the most innovative technologies and demonstrating their impact on the main business drivers, such as productivity, quality and business model innovation.