Modular Architecture

A project developed by businesses for businesses, with the aim of introducing modular design into companies’ technical departments.

Modular Architecture

Operational approach:
To introduce modular architecture with a bottom-up approach that involves the technical departments, the following will be carried out:

  • a modularisation opportunity will be identified in the range of products offered
  • the model will be built to evaluate the costs and benefits
  • a structured module-introducing method will be followed Methods:



  • multi-company meetings to understand and experience the steps of introducing modular architecture
  • in-house “homework” regarding the module’s design
  • the expert from each company will attend meetings to provide specific support

The companies participating in the 2018/2019 project are as follows:

Bortolin Kemo Spa, Casagrande Spa, Cappellotto Spa, Galdi Srl and Rimorchi Bertoja Spa.

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